The Home Of Beddywhippets


The Bedlington X Whippet Lurcher is often described as the perfect ferreting companion owners of these brave little dogs give rave reviews regarding their working prowess in the fields but how many are genuine first crosses between the Bedlington & the Whippet.

Beddywhippets are not for the faint hearted. They are very high energy busy intelligent and often stubborn little dogs. Many people are attracted to them because of their looks but they are not necessarily as laid back as other Lurcher crosses.

Lurchers were originally bred for poaching and are generally the result of crossbreeding a sighthound with another breed such as a collie or a terrier.

Their size is variable they can be 16.5 to 19 inch to the shoulder most beddywhippets are bred as rabbiting lurchers but make great little show dogs & pets aswell.  

The coat type and upkeep requirements will vary depending on the type of cross. Coat types range from rough and broken in the first cross to broken & smooth in a ¾ bred.

Lurchers as Pets

The modern lurcher has grown from its old image of disrepute to heights of popularity as an exceptional family dog.

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