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Bedlington Terriers

The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington Northumberland in North East England.

Appearance The Bedlington Terrier is often described as looking like a lamb on a leash, probably because it has non-shedding fur with a woolly texture. These dogs may be blue, sandy, liver, or dark brown/black and sable and can be solid colours or have tan markings. These become paler as the dog grows older, but should never be pure white, which indicates a lack of "guard hairs;" the harsh hairs in their coat that give it texture and offer the dogs protection.

Bedlington Breed Standard

Skull: Narrow, but deep and rounded, high at occiput, and covered with a nice silky tuft or top knot

Jaw: Long, tapering, sharp and muscular, as little stop as possible between the eyes so as to form nearly a line from the nose end along the jaw of the skull to the occiput. the lips, close fitting not flew

Eyes: Should be small and well sunk in the head, the blues should have a dark eye, the blue and tans ditto with amber shade, livers, sandies etc, a light brown eye.

Nose: Large, well angled, blues, blue and tans should have black noses, livers and sandies, flesh coloured noses.

Teeth: Level or pincer jawed.

Ears: Moderately large, well formed, flat to the cheek, thinly covered and tipped with silky hair, they should be filbert shaped.

Legs: Of moderate length, not wide apart, straight and square set, with good sized feet which are rather long.

Tail: Thick at the root to a tapering point, slightly feathered on the lower side, nine to eleven inches long, scimitar shaped.

Body: Moderately long and well proportioned, flat ribbed and deep, not wide in the chest, back slightly arched, well ribbed up with light quarters.

Coat: Hard with soft undercoat, and not lying flat to the sides, twisty outer-coat

Colour: Dark blue, blue and tan, liver and tan, sandy, sandy and tan.

Height: about fifteen or sixteen inches.

Weight: Dogs about twenty four pounds, bitches about twenty two pounds.